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training room furniture

Flexible Classroom Furniture

Looking for flexible classroom furniture?  Does your training room need an overhaul?  Want to create a space where students or employees can gather, learn and grow in whatever way best supports their individual education journey?  Here are some of the latest trends and products available on the market today to help you get the most out of your educational environment.

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office furniture for home

Creating An Empowered Waiting Area

Creating an empowered waiting area is easier than you think, especially with more and more options becoming available to business owners all the time.  In the not so distant past, reception areas and waiting rooms were all assembly line, cookie-cutter spaces.  Those times are long gone.  Enter the new world of lounge-style waiting spaces, where people come together comfortably with

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biophilic office

Creating a Biophilic Workspace

Nature used to be all around us. Technically, it still is, but in our technology based world, the fundamental connection to nature can sometimes feel all but lost.   One innovative way to bring back that connection is by creating a biophilic workspace.  This blog will give you a few ideas to implement at your business that can trigger a strong,

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office branding

Telling Your Brand’s Story

Telling your brand’s story has more to do with creating a pretty office, it is about creating a functional office. More times than not, people turn down products because they don’t like stepping out of their comfort zone. People know how traditional cubicle set ups work and the hierarchy of private office layouts.  Yes, that might work for some offices, but

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How’s Your Work-Life Balance?

Work-life balance is important because it effects the well-being of individuals, families, and everyone around them.  How is your work-life balance?  It is no easy task to achieve in today’s super unpredictable and fast-moving business world, that’s for sure.  As we grow more and more connected through social media and technology, it is becoming increasingly difficult to separate our work

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Cafe & Dining Furniture

Cafe & Dining Furniture

Spaces are all about the people using them.  How they think, create, and share their ideas.  When you need cafe and dining furniture ideas, look no further than the experts at Advanced Furniture Solutions.  These areas are not just for coffee and sandwiches anymore.  They have become the conference rooms for today’s creative and mobile workforce.

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Office Staging

Office Solutions Jacksonville

Looking for office solutions in Jacksonville?  Then you have come to the right place!  Advanced Furniture Solutions has been providing office solutions to Jacksonville and the surrounding areas since 1997.  We so do much more than sell office furniture!  We have been delivering customer service focused, floor to ceiling office solutions to our customers for twenty years! 

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healthcare furniture

Healthcare Furniture Showroom Now Open

Let’s talk healthcare furniture.  The focus should always be on better outcomes for patients, their families, the staff that heals them, and the environments surrounding them.  At Advanced Furniture Solutions, we select and recommend healthcare products that ensure comfort in critical circumstances, assist in the healing process, and deliver a better environment for true well-being. 

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Ultimate Holiday Gift Giving Guide

Take the stress out of your holiday shopping!  Let us do it for you!  Find the perfect gift for everyone on your holiday list, including those that “have everything”.  Check out our Ultimate Holiday Gift Giving Guide.  Still not sure what to get that special someone? Gift Certificates Available!

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Office Furniture Design

The entire furniture industry is in constant search of a versatile new office furniture design.  If there is a single direction to the many currents of innovation that have flowed through workplace design in the last few years, it is the search for a workplace that liberates people to work the way they want.

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