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Designing the layout of an office space is one of the most important steps towards your ideal office. The right office layout can ensure a positive impact on your company’s performance, culture, productivity, and ultimately its profitability.

At Advanced Furniture Solutions, our expert furniture consultants and designers make free site visits and provide space planning assistance, taking the time to speak with you so they understand your work space requirements, enabling them to tailor the perfect work space.  They will develop space plans and final floor plans, as well as make color and furniture recommendations. We think about practical issues such as spatial needs, proximity relations, IT infrastructure and furniture, but also more strategic issues such as occupancy costs, effectiveness of the working environment, and environmental impact.

With these details in mind, our team of professionals will create a custom floor plan that takes into account your existing team structure, overall business objectives, and predicted changes in staff levels and office culture. We are well-versed in the latest design applications and create accurate space plans and renderings of your future interior-consulting with your project team on every detail along the way – providing you with a couple of options for your new space, tailored to the way you work. Call or Contact Us today for more information


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