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Sound Masking

Sound Masking

Audible distractions within an office can greatly affect staff productivity.  At AFS, we have extensive experience in the sound masking field and are able to install sound masking speakers in such a way that a person cannot discern where the masking sounds are emanating from. They are above the ceiling grid so aesthetically not an issue.  We an provide personalized sound masking solutions for particular offices, spaces, and needs.  For example, if you have an open ceiling concept building or workspace, the speakers can be painted to match your environment.

Our sound masking speakers, depending on what the best fit for your office is, can be installed in a variety of fashions, including above suspended ceilings, below raised access floors and even in open structure. With our ability to customize sound masking technology to fit any office environment, we’ll always be prepared to use an optimal strategy for your unique situation. By making the investment in sound masking in your office space, you can virtually eliminate the annoying disruptions and maximize efficiency in your workforce. 


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