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Creating An Empowered Waiting Area

Creating an empowered waiting area is easier than you think, especially with more and more options becoming available to business owners all the time.  In the not so distant past, reception areas and waiting rooms were all assembly line, cookie-cutter spaces.  Those times are long gone.  Enter the new world of lounge-style waiting spaces, where people come together comfortably with options to convene, focus, connect, or relax. Continue reading Creating An Empowered Waiting Area

Budget Space Planning

Space Planning in Jacksonville

Do you need assistance with Space Planning in Jacksonville, Florida?  Advanced Furniture Solutions is well-known for our 5-Star customer service, wide range of quality furniture manufacturers, in-house professional installation team, and ever-changing used furniture inventory.  However, there is a lot more to us then people know. Did you know we also provide a budgeted space planning option? If not, then tune in. Continue reading Space Planning in Jacksonville

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Would Your Office Benefit From Sound Masking?

What exactly IS sound masking? Sound masking is the process of adding background sound through speakers installed in the ceiling or strategically placed acoustical fabrics to reduce noise distractions, protect speech privacy, and increase employee comfort and satisfaction in an office setting. In addition to absorbing sound and adding privacy, these products can also add color and style to any open plan work space.  Create. Collaborate. Concentrate. Continue reading Would Your Office Benefit From Sound Masking?

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Healthcare Furniture Showroom Now Open

Let’s talk healthcare furniture.  The focus should always be on better outcomes for patients, their families, the staff that heals them, and the environments surrounding them.  At Advanced Furniture Solutions, we select and recommend healthcare products that ensure comfort in critical circumstances, assist in the healing process, and deliver a better environment for true well-being.  Continue reading Healthcare Furniture Showroom Now Open

Tips for the Design of Lobby Reception Furniture

First impressions mean everything, so you want to put all the effort that you can into your lobby reception area. Since this space is your company’s introduction to the world, extra care should be put into choosing your lobby reception furniture. There are a multitude of choices out there, so it’s critical to take your time and use some helpful tips to make the right decision. Continue reading Tips for the Design of Lobby Reception Furniture

Creating a Healing Medical Reception Area Environment

When you think of a healing environment, what comes to mind?

A spa, a Japanese garden, perhaps a corner of your house? You probably didn’t even think about your physician’s office or a hospital. But that is beginning to change. Research now reveals that certain design changes in healthcare environments can reduce stress and alleviate the consequences associated with that stress. These changes can also help reduce medical errors and hospital-acquired infections, while improving staff efficiency and overall morale.

Continue reading Creating a Healing Medical Reception Area Environment