Open plan offices are emerging across the country but the question remains–are open plan offices better than conventional office layouts?  With employees spending upwards of 2000 hours a year (and often more) at their place of work, it’s important that the office space be one of comfort, content and cooperation.  Over the last decade, many companies have had to become agile in the face of the changing economy and offices have come to reflect this economic change.  As a result,  this has created what we now all have come to know as “open plan offices” AKA easily adaptable spaces that accommodate several people in less square footage .

Open Plan Space Planning Ideas
Instead of the traditionally segregating closed-door offices, companies have steered towards open-door workplaces. There are many benefits of tearing down office walls, as well as a few considerations to take into account before you call in the contractors and/or movers.

To assist in the process, let us breakdown some of the pros and cons of the open plan office space.


Agile – the lack of set walls and doors allows the space to have the potential to grow as your business grows. Desks, tables and chairs can easily be moved around to accommodate the changing landscape of your employee structure.

Communication – Colleagues can easily communicate with each other without the barrier of walls and doors. There is less need for dedicated meeting rooms if staff members can simply pull up a chair and discuss matters in a shared space.

Teamwork – When colleagues are all in the one space they are less segregated, able to form better relationships and typically feel a part of the same team.


Privacy – An open plan office means everybody can hear everything, which means serious or confidential meetings may need to be taken offsite.

Distractions – without a dedicated ‘do not disturb’ sign tacked to the office door, it might be difficult for employees to shut themselves off in order to meet an urgent deadline.  “Hoteling” spaces may need to be created where employees can reserve quiet locations for intermittent meetings or specific needs, such as confidential discussions.

Noise – It stands to reason that while the space is now open and breezy, noise will also be travelling easier than before. The overall noisiness of the office may increase.

It’s important to consider all of the above reasoning before deciding to play around with the floor plan of your office. If you do decide to change the layout of your office, ensure you contact a professional office furniture company to ensure the change is thoughtfully executed.  You need to make sure that space planning and design, including any necessary sound masking and storage requirements, are considered in the process.

Open Plan Office Jacksonville

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