Nature used to be all around us. Technically, it still is, but in our technology based world, the fundamental connection to nature can sometimes feel all but lost.   One innovative way to bring back that connection is by creating a biophilic workspace.  This blog will give you a few ideas to implement at your business that can trigger a strong, positive impact on employee health, productivity, and well-being.  Luckily, creating a biophilic workspace isn’t as hard as you think!

biophilic design to boost employee productivity and satisfaction

Americans have become indoor animals in an environment devoid of nature and this can have a negative effect on health, productivity and well-being.  On average, we spend about 90 percent of our time inside buildings and cars, separated from natural elements.   When we do venture outside, we’re often so glued to our smartphones that we’re oblivious to the natural world.  For those of us disinclined to spend time outdoors — or unable to get outdoors very often because we work long hours in windowless offices, it’s vital to incorporate a bit of nature into your workplace.  By creating a biophilic workspace, we can create natural environments for us to live, work and learn.   By consciously including nature in interior or architectural design, we are unconsciously reconnecting, and bringing the great outdoors into our constructed world.

Biophilic DesignBiophilic office design

There is a direct correlation between clever work space design and improved employee well-being and performance. Even simple changes that incorporate nature in the workplace can have a huge impact on how employees feel when they come to work, and how happy, creative and productive they feel when they are working.

Let’s Get Biophilic!

In order to most effectively reach people with biophilic design, it’s best to aim for multi-sensory stimuli. While seeing nature is not without benefit, if people are also able to smell or hear it the positive implications are even greater. The ability to smell plants, feel airflow, and hear water are simple examples of these far-reaching interventions.

Biophilic Design in the Workplace

For additional ideas on creating a biophilic workspace, please check out our June 2018 blog that details furniture product options.  There are many options available to business owners that will help in reducing stress and encouraging renewal in the workplace

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