If there is one thing I have learned during my tenure at Advanced Furniture Solutions, it’s that space planning makes a big difference when creating the perfect workspace.   Too often, not enough thought goes into creating a workspace because of strict budgets or timeframes, or simply because people think they can “do it themselves”.  Let me say this… plan now or pay later!  INVEST IN A PROFESSIONAL TO ASSIST YOU WITH SPACE PLANNING!

I have told this to clients time and time again–space planning makes a big difference when creating and transforming spaces.  When all is said and done, the space needs to tell your story and promote your vision.  That can be difficult, to say the least, because every client has a unique set of wants and needs.  The priority must remain the same– to organize the space, furniture and daily flow so that everything works together and effectively accommodates the needs of the people who will be using the space.

Why Does Space Planning Matter?

Space planning makes a big difference because when done correctly, studies show employee engagement, client retention, and staff productivity improve.  Effective space planning has a direct impact on both labor costs (employee salaries) as well as fixed costs (rent, utilities, etc); therefore, it’s critical that it be taken seriously when creating or renovating a workspace.

As I have discussed in previous blogs, the quality and functionality of the environment in which your employees work can directly influence their productivity and well-being.   An effective and efficient work environment can have a positive influence on the morale and performance levels of the staff.

Space Planning Makes A Big Difference

Not all Space Planning is Created Equal.

The Team at Advanced Furniture Solutions have been installing, moving, reconfiguring and creating office spaces since 1997.  We have come up against some tough situations and have realized that the best plan of attack is to address space planning from the very start. The upfront and honest approach with have taken over the years has saved our clients a lot of time and regret down the road.  Effective space planning ensures optimal use of floor area without the wasted space we often see because of unnecessary and/or unplanned storage, ill-fitting desks or cubicles, or poorly positioned existing furniture.  We want to ensure that every inch of space has an intenced purpose, be it an employee workstation, meeting area, breakroom area, touch down area, or even a simple employee walk-through.   Bottom line, you are paying for that space by the square foot, so why not get the most use out of it!

What Should You Consider When Planning Your Space?

First, what are your goals? Do you want an open plan workspace?  Is employee health and engagement at the top of your list?  Have you given thought to including collaborative workspace areas?  Do you plan on growing, moving, or downsizing in the next few years?  We will talk to you about all of these things so we ensure that your long-term goals the goals of the organization and make sure that we come up with a properly planned interior environment.

Next up, think about how you will be using each space. Do your employees sit all day long?  Do they come and go throughout the day and just need a space to sit intermittently?  Do they often work in large groups? Or is it somewhere in between? We will work with you to create an office environment that meets somewhere in the middle.

Finally, there needs to be focus on ergonomics.   Sorry, it’s the nurse in me, but I can not express enough the importance of this last point.  The correct furniture can allow employees to both sit and stand during the day, which has proven to stimulate productivity and overall well-being.  Read more in a recent blog on workplace wellness.


At Advanced Furniture Solutions, we want to give you the most out of our services and best customer experience possible. Our large range of manufacturers gives us the opportunity to give our clients their dream space.  Give us a call at (904) 398-0807, contact us online, or visit our showroom on 9452 Philips Highway, Suite 7, Jacksonville, FL 32256.  Hours: Monday-Friday, 08:00-5:00 and Saturday, 08:00-2:00.

Let our experts assist you in developing practical and effective office solutions that will get you on the right track to improved workplace wellness, productivity, and inspiration.

Named as one of the Fastest 50 Growing Businesses by the Jacksonville Business Journal in 2016, 2017 & 2018, Advanced Furniture Solutions is a premier woman-owned office furniture and commercial flooring store in Jacksonville, Florida.  A certified 8M, Economically Disadvantaged Woman-Owned Small Business (EDWOSB), AFS has been providing sustainable and affordable office solutions to organizations of all shapes and sizes in the Jacksonville area for over 20 years.


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