I think we all can agree to leave stress in 2018 and welcome workplace wellness in 2019. Lately, the world has been promoting the importance of being the best version of you. I don’t know about you all, but I am ready to hop on board! Here are a few tips to get started:

Tip #1: Stand Up!

Studies say that you should try to stand at least 30 minutes an hour. Many of you sit at desks all day, so here is an opportunity with a quick, easy solution! Something as simple as adding some type of sit to stand unit at or on your desk/workstation. Whether it is the full desk moving or just a unit that sits on top of the desk, they take care of the same need.  In addition to improving your health, standing at your desk can also boost productivity, reduce back pain, and increase energy levels.

Tip #2: Light it up.

For all of you that are getting some inspiration for your new office renovation, listen up!! Natural light in the workplace has been voted as the number one natural element in the workplace. It helps reduce stress and promote creativity. One way you can do this is incorporate glass when possible. One option is KI Lightline Architectural Walls for private offices or glass panels in a cube farm. That will help spread light throughout the room instead of blocking it off a foot away from the window. If you do not want to get as fancy as glass panels, you can opt to shorten the panels. This gives the same effect while decreasing the cost.

Tip #3: Move.

The simplest of tips in basic workplace wellness is MOVE. Get up to talk to a person instead of sending them another email or go walk around the building while on a conference call. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. This will help keep your brain alert and has the ability to spark up your mood.

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