The entire furniture industry is in constant search of a versatile new office furniture design.  If there is a single direction to the many currents of innovation that have flowed through workplace design in the last few years, it is the search for a workplace that liberates people to work the way they want. Open plan freed the office worker from the confinement and isolation of cubicle farms, but the limitations of open plan are now beginning to surface, and the need for a workstation adaptable to a variety of work styles is apparent. Canopy by Kimball meets that need.

Variety is a key feature of the concept— the balance between collective and individual needs, collaborative and solitary work, the dictates of the morning and those of the afternoon. Canopy seamlessly combines utility with unexpected materials–exposed plywood edges, colorful work tools, wood truss accents, natural wool felt and a unique bungee display system–to create spaces that not only function, but inspire.

Conceived by Primo Orpilla of Studio O+A and developed with the design team at Kimball, Canopy moves beyond conventional open plan benching to give each user a versatile work tool that changes according to the needs of the moment. While this product will fit into any open plan, it may be modified to give the user more acoustical and visual privacy as needed. Canopy’s height adjustment capability—a discreet mechanism that allows the user to raise or lower the desk without disturbing colleagues—is both a social and an ergonomic advance.

Workspace is typically planned in standard size modules. Canopy fits a range of options within those parameters—heads-down, conference, small-team huddle—and makes them part of a single, customizable system. Some people like to sit and work. Others like to stand. Some work best in an open team situation. Others need a sense of visual privacy. Everyone works differently at different stages of a project and different times of the day. It’s all about the office furniture design. Canopy accommodates those variations.


Kimball Canopy

Canopy’s unique offering of materials encourages the use of unexpected texture and color in the workspace. With Canopy, creating an invigorating environment that expresses company culture while allowing personal space choices is simple.

The Kimball complete line of product solutions create a sense of place where people can achieve all that’s possible, priding themselves on being curious, forward-thinking, driven for results, and relentless in the pursuit of success.

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