Are employees complaining about sitting behind a desk all day?  There’s a belief that staying in the same position for the entire workday can have a negative effect on employees’ health and an organizations overall workplace wellness. Here’s a great solution if you want to elevate your office workspace to a healthier level.  Create. Activate. Motivate. 

Today, workplaces are doing more to support employee wellness, so people can feel their best and achieve their most.  An active style of work, one where individuals can seamlessly shift between sitting and standing, is an important part of this objective. With the touch of a button, a freestanding table can rise or lower, supporting fluid, natural movement throughout the day.

With height-adjustable desks, people are freed from a static position and enter a new dimension of health-positive performance. Designed for organizations of all shapes and sizes, height Adjust tables and benches support wellness initiatives—with dynamic functionality  and a range of materials and styles.



Benching can save space and bring teams closer, but often restricts fluid movement. Height Adjustable desks bring new life to the ordinary bench, allowing segmented pieces to raise and lower—individually and at will, supporting employees working together–even if the work surface heights they enjoy are completely different.


Giving employees a healthier option for their workspace is  vital to workplace wellness. To explore more about our workplace wellness focused product line offerings and for all of your office furniture needs, stop by the Advanced Furniture Solutions Design Center & Showroom located at 9452 Philips Hwy, Ste. 7, Jacksonville, FL 32256, request information online, visit our website or call us (904) 398-0807.

Named as one of the Fastest 50 Growing Businesses by the Jacksonville Business Journal in 2016 & 2017, Advanced Furniture Solutions is a premier woman-owned office furniture store in Jacksonville, Florida, providing sustainable and affordable office solutions to organizations of all shapes and sizes for over 20 years.


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