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Now that warmer weather is here, it’s time for Spring Cleaning!  When was the last time your office chair was deeply cleaned? How about those fabric panels in your cubicle? Most of us think of cleaning our homes, but don’t forget about your office!  Those in the workforce typically spend more time at the office than at home, so its important to make sure to do routine deep cleans there as well.

Studies have shown that work areas can contain 400 times more bacteria than a toilet seat!  Your work areas can be spoiled by coffee stains, ink spots, and more. Neglecting regular cleaning for your office seating, system panels, acoustical walls, and other individual pieces will significantly shorten your furniture’s life. Cubicle panels and other furniture pieces can begin to grow old and discolored, this does not always mean they need to be trashed and replaced! Save your company money and the hassle by scheduling a professional cleaning.

Benefits of Workstation Cleaning

Not only will regular cleaning improve indoor air quality but it will rid your office space of built up dust in areas hard to reach. Cleaning services will remove food and beverage stains, and other discrepancies found on those visible surfaces in your office space. With visible stains and dust removed your office appearance will improve and will feel healthier and cleaner! Additionally, your company will save money rather than trashing pieces that could have been saved.

At Advanced Furniture Solutions, we use professional cleaning machines to quickly and hygienically clean your furniture. Contact us to schedule a FREE estimate of your professional cleaning service!  Also, click here for a special spring cleaning discount.  904-398-0807 www.advancedfurnituresolutions.com