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Creating a Healing Medical Reception Area Environment

When you think of a healing environment, what comes to mind?

A spa, a Japanese garden, perhaps a corner of your house? You probably didn’t even think about your physician’s office or a hospital. But that is beginning to change. Research now reveals that certain design changes in healthcare environments can reduce stress and alleviate the consequences associated with that stress. These changes can also help reduce medical errors and hospital-acquired infections, while improving staff efficiency and overall morale.

More and more members of the medical community have realized, a carefully considered entry zone can put patients at ease while sending a powerful branding message for their healthcare clientele.

Medical reception areas and lobbies are becoming more open and bright, making the environment warmer and more inviting, and making the patients feel more at home.

Here are some steps that you can take to create a care-giving atmosphere in medical reception and lobby environments:

Focus on the look and feel of the area. Consider that the “look” relates to color, proportion, and scale, while the “feel” is the emotion. Certain design elements help foster positive feelings, such as a working fireplace or a piano playing bring a sense of warmth and comfort to a space, while a water feature can be a calming addition. Access to natural light, outside views, murals, plants, trees, and bamboo add life to the room.

Give visitors a variety of seating options. Lounge chairs, benches, soft seating, and bariatric choices should be available. Movable seating enables visitors to make spontaneous connections while space dividers in select areas can help accommodate private conversations or create secluded areas for writing or working on a computer.

Select varying lighting options. Create light, bright, and cheerful spaces in focused areas, but also include subdued, calming, and relaxing places in others. Blending of lighting options create an overall uplifting feeling.


Remember, today’s physician office reception area and hospital lobby are a far cry from the ordinary spaces common in the past. Competitive pressures will continue to push change. Patients, families, and employees are becoming more sophisticated in taste and are demanding a more refined healthcare building. Your reception and lobby areas are now considered important extensions of the care-giving environment.

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