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Professional Perspective of Office Space Planning

Workplace environment is a major determinant of positive employee performance. When employees have the freedom to express themselves, when they know they’re safe and that the environment encourages them to collaborate with the rest of the team, it can lead to wonderful results.

That’s why carefully planning your office space matters. Here are some office space planning tips in Jacksonville that work:

Determine the use

How will you use that particular space? As a conference room? Or will you set up a series of cubicles instead? You’ll need to determine function before form.

Plan the layout

The best kinds of layouts create and develop spaces that compliment and support its function. From figuring out the flow of people in the room to assigning locations for the different sections, along with deciding where the chairs, tables and cabinets would go along with the rest of your equipment, your layout should be thorough enough to cover everything you need to get your space organized. Include all your technology and equipment requirements as well.

Consider the design

Once form and function are satisfied with good office space planning assistance in Jacksonville, that’s when design comes into play. What kind of look and feel do you want for that space? What kind of ambiance and vibe do you want to create? Whether you want something relaxing, comfortable or that helps employees stay creative at work, your design will play a huge part in making that happen. Don’t forget to take different colors, styles and themes into account. Great interiors can do wonders for your office space.

Designate a filing space

Offices can’t function without a proper filing space. This is where the paperwork supplies are, along with important company files and information. Don’t put this in like an afterthought. In many situations, the filing section is vital to everyday operations. So make it a central point in your layout. That way, access is convenient for everyone.


Are you going to use the layout for grand-scale designs? Then consider what elements you can standardize. This helps cut down on the work as well as ensures uniform looks and results.


Make sure you make room for personalization since this helps improve employee comfort and motivates better performance. Allowing employees to feel a sense of ownership over their own space helps them become much more productive at work.

So maximize employee productivity by planning your office space right. Contact us at Advanced Furniture Solutions for help and assistance.